The Real-Time, Dynamic Pricing Solution

A cloud-based software solution that provides accurate, real-time dynamic pricing for hotels and events.

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HouseCount RMS is Designed to Achieve
Two Main Goals


Create the most robust pricing recommendations on the market


Maximize revenue opportunities with an unmatched user experience

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Better Sales, More Efficiency, and
Maximum Revenue

We empower business leaders to maximize revenue opportunities.


Pricing Features

  • Accurate Pricing

    An engineering technique called Feedback Control allows HouseCount to quickly adapt to real-time changes in supply and demand, resulting in the most transparent, flexible, and accurate pricing recommendations possible.

  • Real-Time, Automatic Pricing

    New pricing recommendations are generated behind the scenes up to the minute, considering inventory and demand data. This means no user impact and zero downtime.

  • Inventory Type Pricing

    Accurate pricing is provided by inventory segment, right down to the individual room type or price level, or can be aggregated into larger inventory categories. Want to make changes after your initial setup? No problem, HouseCount’s ability to be customized on the fly means no downtime!

  • Autopilot Pricing

    You can trust HouseCount’s fully autonomous pricing. Simply switch autopilot on or off by inventory date with a simple click, and guarantee around-the-clock pricing coverage.


Our Competitive Advantage

  • Fully Mobile

    Beachfront working vacation? Or on the go? Our software is fully mobile, and can be accessed from your mobile device, allowing you to be productive from anywhere with zero loss in functionality or fidelity.

  • Closing RMS Gaps

    Other RMS solutions can’t catch up to HouseCount in terms of pricing accuracy and usability. Our design process started with a focus on user experience, ultimately creating a technology that achieves maximum results for our clients.

  • Casino Yielding

    Fully adjustable reinvestment levels by player segment is a solution designed to maximize total profit, including ancillary profit from gaming activities. You define segment values and margins based on the property, and HouseCount determines an optimal rate and comp level.

  • Multi-Property and Campus

    Have multiple properties or large, integrated resorts? No problem! Seamlessly switch between properties, even if they are running on different property management systems. A 360-degree campus view shows demand for all properties near each other, allowing you to manage pricing from a single page.

    Need more? Campus functionality extends to pricing, with a demand influence factor computed and applied to pricing for each related property.

  • Seamless integrations

    Your existing tech stack will seamlessly integrate with HouseCount, so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

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