Revenue Management Solutions That Optimize Pricing 24/7

Complete revenue management solutions for resorts, hotels, theaters, and events.

Luxe Pricing provides state of the art, autonomous Revenue Management systems to the hospitality and entertainment industries. Using modern feedback control and AI, our platforms seamlessly optimize selling rates and upgrade offers across inventory segments and customer touch points. We deliver the first and only total revenue maximization solution on the market.

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Prioritize Your Profits with Our Hospitality and Entertainment Pricing Solutions

Luxe Pricing's software is easy to use and increases profits for resorts, casinos, hotels, and entertainment venues.


Sell efficiently with a revenue management system that marries real-time, highly accurate dynamic pricing recommendations with an intuitive user experience. You’re in full control to make manual changes while the system hums along autonomously.

HouseCount RMS provides total around-the-clock price control while still empowering RM professionals to make easy price adjustments on the fly, all while integrating seamlessly with your existing technologies.



Find the right offer at the right price. Upgrade guests to a better experience with the click of a button. Don’t leave money on the table!

Eliminate missed upsell opportunities and increase your profit margins with smart software that dynamically learns and optimizes pricing recommendations over time.


"Through our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and product design, our customers get an extremely robust platform that achieves higher profitability across all segments. Our mission is simple – we build software that measurably increases profit and is a pleasure to use."

Patrick Logue, Founder and President
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Complete Revenue Solutions for Resorts, Hotels, Theaters, and Events

Price Certainty

HouseCount™ RMS uses an engineering technique called feedback control, allowing the software to quickly adapt to supply and demand to provide real-time, dynamic pricing recommendations that you can count on.


Upsell with Ease

Maximize hotel revenue and enhance your guest's experience with targeted upsell offers that are priced right for the sale. Online, over the phone, or in person, all from Luxsell’s easy-to-use platform.


24/7 Revenue Consulting (RMAAS)

Reimagine your revenue potential. Increase your profit margins with tailored strategies and collaboration using our software and our team of experts.

American Gaming Association Memberships


From Upsell Opportunities to Accurate Price Management, Luxe Pricing is Here to Maximize Your Revenue