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HouseCount™ RMS

Luxe Pricing’s HouseCount RMS focuses on achieving two main goals. The first is to provide the most accurate and robust pricing recommendations on the market for casino-hotel properties. The second is to create a user experience that empowers revenue managers and hospitality leaders to implement their insights into revenue maximizing opportunities.

The inspiration for Luxe Pricing’s HouseCount RMS was born out of the day-to-day frustrations from the limitations in current RMS solutions on the market. Luxe Pricing’s design of HouseCount RMS started with the user experience first and then worked backwards to create a technology that achieved the desired results for each property.

A better way

Luxe Pricing takes an entirely new approach to the practice of pricing and revenue management. This approach is based on the engineering fundamentals of “feedback control theory,” which allows the Luxe Pricing RMS solution, HouseCount, to provide transparent, flexible, and accurate pricing recommendations that increase an integrated casino resort’s revenue and profitability.

Real-time Recommendations
& Intraday yielding

Every minute new pricing recommendations are generated based on real-time price, inventory, and demand data. This happens continuously behind the scenes with no impact to users and zero downtime.

Room Type Yielding

HouseCount RMS sees each room type (or aggregate thereof) as a separate trajectory with an optimal path to follow for maximum revenue. HouseCount RMS estimates demand for each room type for each future stay date, and also takes into account house-level and campus-level demand. HouseCount then computes the demand deviation from target to come up with an accurate price recommendation by room type.


Reinvestment level by casino segment is fully adjustable. The solution is designed to maximize total revenue for the property. Segment value and margin can be defined by the property and HouseCount determines an optimal rate for each segment based on each segment’s value.

Cross-property & campus pricing, forecasting, and reporting

HouseCount RMS is designed specifically for cross-property & campus pricing, forecasting, and reporting. The application is built around campus yielding, both from an algorithm and reporting standpoint. It estimates demand at multiple levels (room type, house, campus), computes a blended demand and sets price in accordance with an overall campus strategy based on automated price testing.
In addition, built into the single-page application is a campus-view. The user logs into the HouseCount application and can view current OTB business and expected demand on one screen. The interface allows the user to view a “rolled-up” campus view of all demand statistics. It also allows the user to drill down to view each property’s demand and then drill down again to view demand by room type for every day in the booking window, all on the same screen.
The system does not require the user to reload pages or toggle to different tabs or open any additional sessions of HouseCount. Everything can be viewed on one screen.

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