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HouseCount™ RMS

Luxe Pricing’s HouseCount Revenue Management System is a cloud-based software platform that provides accurate, real-time dynamic pricing for hotels and events.

HouseCount RMS is designed to achieve two main goals. The first is to create the most robust pricing recommendations on the market. The second is to deliver an unmatched user experience that empowers pricing professionals and business leaders to implement their insights into revenue maximizing opportunities.

Closing Gaps

HouseCount RMS was built to close the gaps left by other RMS solutions in both pricing accuracy and usability. Luxe Pricing’s design process started with the user experience and worked backwards to create a technology that achieves a new level of results for clients.

Accurate Pricing

Many pricing systems suffer from an over-reliance on history. This leads to inadequate pricing, especially during quickly changing market conditions.

Luxe Pricing takes an entirely new approach to pricing by utilizing an engineering technique called “feedback control” to quickly adapt to real-time changes in supply and demand. This allows HouseCount RMS to provide transparent, flexible, and accurate pricing recommendations that measurably increase profit.

Real-time, Intraday Yielding

New pricing recommendations are continuously generated based on up-to-the-minute price, inventory, and demand data. This happens behind the scenes with no impact to users and zero downtime.

Autopilot Pricing

HouseCount RMS has the accuracy and dependability necessary for fully autonomous pricing. Users can enable or disable autopilot by inventory date with the simple click of a button, guaranteeing around-the-clock coverage.

Inventory Type Yielding

HouseCount RMS can accurately price by inventory segment, down to the individual room type / price level or aggregated into larger inventory categories based on client preference. Additionally, this can be easily changed at any time after initial configuration with no downtime. This capability is enabled by HouseCount RMS’s unique ability to work with small numbers.

Casino Yielding

For casino properties, reinvestment level by player segment is fully adjustable. The solution is designed to maximize total profit including ancillary profit from gaming activities. Segment values and margins can be defined by the property and HouseCount determines an optimal rate and comp level for each based on this.

Mult-Property and Campus

HouseCount RMS is designed to accommodate clients operating multiple properties and/or large integrated resorts. From within the UI, users can seamlessly switch between properties which may be running on different property management systems. Users can also see a rolled up campus view of demand for properties in close proximity of each other and manage pricing across all from a single page. Campus functionality further extends to the pricing itself with a campus demand influence computed and applied to pricing for each related property.


Imagine sitting on the beach managing rates for 10 properties all from your cell phone with zero loss in functionality and fidelity. Yeah, we have that too…

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