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Patrick Logue, me
Founder & President

Patrick founded Luxe Pricing in 2015 to bring new tools and techniques to the pricing space. Patrick has over 18 years of experience in pricing, holding multiple revenue management leadership positions in and out of the Las Vegas market. Patrick is a licensed pilot and when not flying, he enjoys taking engineering concepts from aerospace and applying them to pricing. Patrick holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an M.E. in Applied Physics from Cornell University.

Nick Meier, CHRM
VP of Sales &
Business Development

Nick has over 20 years of hospitality experience in revenue management, sales, marketing, hotel operations, and training. Nick joined Luxe Pricing to spread the word about how companies can benefit from the innovations Luxe brings to the market. Nick holds a BS in Industrial Management & Minor in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, Certificate in Revenue Management from Cornell University, and is a Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager as designated by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

Nathan Clayton
Head of Product Development

Nathan’s passion for technology began long before he could ride a bike, programming in AppleSoft Basic on his father’s Apple IIe. This passion continued into adulthood and today Nathan guides the technical direction for Luxe Pricing, architecting large-scale, fault tolerant systems that keep Luxe at the forefront of innovation. Through modern technologies such as Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, and Pulsar, Luxe is able to deliver more scalability, uptime, and value to customers. Nathan holds a degree from UNLV.

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